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Our Advantages

World-class services with affordable prices

Fast Implementation

Following your industry best practices allows for a swift and fast system implementation.

Competitive pricing

Pay as you grow based on your employees headcount with no bulk license payment needed.

Free Support

Post go-live technical support, cloud maintenance, and labor law updates with no extra fees.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security on Amazon cloud servers, the most secure cloud computing environment.


General Overview

The Orgarise system is a result of an extensive experience in developing HR solutions, following best practices and using the latest technologies while focusing on the business and end user needs all to provide you with a smart system that is easy to use, proven to accelerate the project’s time-to-value, and guaranteed to deliver tangible business ROI.

Product Benefits

Complete Hire to Retire Solution

Covering all HR and payroll processes in a modern strategic way

Human Capital Modeler
Build customized organizational structure, departments, positions, and job information.
Personnel Management

Manage all your employees data, track employees records, and set an automated internal policy for payroll. 

Payroll and General Ledger

Automate payroll calculations fully integrated with labor law, personnel,  attendance, and finance softwares.

Time and Labor Management

View and edit time and labor policies, and track employees records with automatic reflection on payroll.

Employee Self Service

Automatically manage all employees requests (Vacation, overtime, etc..) based on a pre-defined workflow.

Alerts and Reminders

Configure customized email alerts and reminders for an easier tracking of any critical data or processes.

HR Analytics Platform

An embedded HR analytics platform that helps the top management gain a strategic view on the workforce.

Forms Designer

Create any desired forms and easily generate it for different employees with no redundant efforts.

Advanced System Training

Extended training programs that sets you up for implementing advanced system configurations and reporting.

Employee Development System

Plan, evaluate, and track your employees progress; create a score sheet, and generate statistical reports.

Orgarise Recruitment

Automating the talent acquisition work flow, creating a pool of calibers, saving their data on a cloud database, planning interviews, entering evaluations, and selecting the right talents based on pre-set metrics.

Do you want to learn more about

Orgarise HR Features Details

Orgarise HR covers the full processes of the human resources management functions, with pre-configured workflows, automated payroll calculation and much more, download the full detailed PDF that gives you a full view of what Orgarise HR can offer.

Orgarise Pricing

Post go-live technical support with no extra fees

Orgarise Pricing

Post go-live technical support with no extra fees

Orgarise Recruitment

The latest addition to the Orgarise system

Orgarise recruitment is a fully integrated recruitment management and talent acquisition platform that helps professionals apply best practices and automate every task needed to hire the best talents. 

Enabling the capitalization on published jobs, building a strong applicant database that allow you to harvest the benefits of a large talents pool, and creating an optimized process for recurrent applicantions in addition to providing system recommendations for top applicants.